Daily Lunch

Web Scraping

Note! Since I have not worked at Gleerups for quite a few years now while studying, I have not kept the web scraper updated with changing restaurants and restaurant website layouts. I make no guarantees that any of the info is still accurate. ๐Ÿ˜Š

A Gatsby frontend for a Node REST API that scrapes local restaurant menus near my old job every day. Also has some fun stuff like geolocation; to see how far away each restaurant is and to generate dynamic directions via Google Maps.

It started out as an exercise in React and Gatsby, especially the new Hook and Context APIs. It turned out to be pretty useful and popular with my coworkers so I kept working on it to add some extra features.

The API was made with Node and primarily uses the libraries Axios and Osmosis to fetch and then parse the restaurant menus. Everything is saved in a simple JSON database on drive called LowDB. A cron job on my VPS runs the scraping script a few times every weekday morning which causes a webhook to fire, rebuilding the frontend that is hosted on Netlify. Very simple, but it works!

This was made in 2018 and I would probably do things differently if I started on it today. It has however worked with nearly zero problems since the day I deployed it, so there has been no real need to rework things.